subject  :   Solid State Power Amplifier System 26.5 – 40.0GHz, 10 W rated, 15 W typ - AMP4072
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Solid State Power Amplifier System – Exodus AMP4072 

26.5 – 40.0GHz, 10 Watts rated, 15 Watts typical

Exodus AMP4072 is designed for broadband EMI-Lab, Comm. and EW applications. Class A/AB linear design for all modulations & industry standards. Covers 26.5 – 40.0GHz, nominal powers   10W rated, 6W P1dB, with a minimum 40dB Gain. Excellent gain flatness, optional monitoring parameters for Forward/Reflected power, voltage, current & temperature sensing for superb reliability and ruggedness. Integrated in our compact 2U chassis weighing <10Kg.