subject  :   New Line of Medium Power Amplifiers (MPA)
writer : Sales
Exodus Advanced Communications is pleased to announce the release of a New Line of Medium Power Amplifiers (MPA).

Power levels from 10dBm to 33dBm P1dB with available frequencies up to 50GHz, the MPA product line can be customized for ultrabroad or linear commercial application such as 5G (at 27-28GHz.) Augmenting our solid state HPA series AMP3094 (26-31GHz, 37dBm), AMP3095 (31-40GHz, 37dBm), AMP3116 (26-32GHz, 40dBm), and AMP3060 (32-40GHz, 40dBm) our MPA1002 (26.5 to 40 GHz, 21 dBm P1dB) and the rest of the product line can be used for any applications such as weather radar, 5G and general testing; ruggedized versions for aerospace and defense applications including phased array radars.