subject  :   PRESS RELEASE - AMP3110P: 2700-3100MHz, 1 KW Minimum
writer : Sales

PRESS RELEASE - New Solid Pulsed Power Amplifier – AMP3110P: 2700-3100MHz, 1 KW Minimum

Exodus Advanced Communications is pleased to announce the 

release of a Best in Class State of the Art High Peak Pulse Power amplifier. The 1000 W AMP3110P covers the 2700-3100MHz 

Frequency Range at duty cycles of up to 10%. Features include a 

Built-in Isolator, Fast pulse Modulator, Monitoring and additional 

Protection Circuits; this module is highly reliable and rugged. 

AMP3110P has full load protection, which makes it suitable

for S-Band applications including S-band Radar and testing of 

S-band radar components.

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