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16 New SSPA Module AMP3095: 31-40GHz, 5W Min CW ADMIN
15 New SSPA Module AMP3094: 26-31GHz, 5W Min CW ADMIN
14 New Solid State High Power Amplifier System - 6 to 18 GHz, 100 W ADMIN
13 New Solid-State RF amplifier module for High Power Testing, EMI/RFI, EW and Communicat.. ADMIN
12 AMP1064 New Solid State GaN Amp for High Power Testing, EMI/RFI, EW and Communications.. ADMIN
11 AMP4002P a Solid-State X-Band High Power GaN Amplifier ADMIN
10 New SSPA Module AMP1074: 2-20GHz, 10W Min CW ADMIN
9 6-18GHz Series of 10, 20 and 40W PA Modules and Systems ADMIN
8 Announcing the release of AMP2035 ADMIN
7 Announcing the release of AMP1025 ADMIN
6 AMP1096 – New 500-2500MHz, 200W GAN SSPA Module ADMIN
5 New SSPA Module AMP1124: 0.7-4.2GHz, 200W CW ADMIN
4 X-Band SSPA Module: 8-12GHz, 100W CW ADMIN
3 New Solid State X-Band Pulsed Power Amplifiers - 9-10 GHz at high peak powers ADMIN
2 New Solid State Power Amplifier - 2 to 6 GHz, 70 W in Small Form Factor ADMIN