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31 New Solid State Power Amplifier Module – AMP1147: 500-6000MHz, 10W Minimum ADMIN
30 New Solid State Power Amplifier System – AMP4052: 32-40GHz, 10W ADMIN
29 New Solid State Power Amplifier System – AMP2065A: 6-18GHz, 200W ADMIN
28 New Low Noise Amplifier Module ADMIN
27 Best in Class, State of the Art Dual-Band SSPA System ADMIN
26 MMIC Hybrid SSPA System 1 to 20 GHz, 20W, AMP2120 ADMIN
25 High Power GaN SSPA System, 6 to 18 GHz, 40W, AMP2118 ADMIN
24 GaN Chip & Wire SSPA Module 2 to 8 GHz, 10W, AMP1090 ADMIN
23 GaAs Hybrid SSPA Module 26 to 32GHz, 10W, AMP3116 ADMIN
22 New Line of Medium Power Amplifiers (MPA) ADMIN
21 New Solid Pulsed Power Amplifier – AMP3110P: 2700-3100MHz, 1 KW Minimum ADMIN
20 GaAs Hybrid SSPA Module 32 to 40GHz, 10W, AMP3060 ADMIN
19 New 1 to 6 GHz Broadband System for High Power and Wide Band Coverage Applications ADMIN
18 New High Frequency, Wide band AMP SSPA Module for EW, Millimeter Wave SATCOM, COMMUNIC.. ADMIN
17 New Solid State Power Amplifier AMP1110 – 4 to 8 GHz, 40 W GAN Hybrid Module ADMIN